Stamin – Branding


Stamin is a unique concept fitness club unlike conventional fitness gyms where members get their own hygiene pod workout space. This concept gave rise during the pandemic situation to cater to and provide a safe environment for members.

Problem Statement

Fitness enthusiasts were unable to hit the gym due the lockdowns and spread of corona virus during the pandemic times. They needed some sort of dedicated cross fit spaces ensuring social distancing. The client required new logo, branding and marketing materials including a website.

Users and audience

Fitness enthusiasts who want to be safe during cross fit workouts while ensuring social distancing.

Roles and responsibilities

My role was to build the branding including logo, designs for marketing purposes and also a web page for online presence.

Scope and constraints

The brick and mortar gym was not ready and work was still in progress. Client wanted designs that are unique to the concept idea. 


Research & Strategy

A lot of the gyms had fresh and vivid colors that works to give a fresh feel to the users. One of the requirements from the client was to use a single tone vivid color that represented strength and freshness. Orange was the final choice. The concept being fitness workout in a cubicle pod, several logo ideas were generated, but what stood unique was the use of cube like shapes.

Logo Design

I started applying a few fonts for the logo to begin with. Then moved on to think of keeping the letter S as the iconic element – came up with some sketches. Finally brain dumped more creative thoughts using Adobe Illustrator tool to present to the client. Following are renderings of the process.

Initial exploration using fonts

Pen and paper idea sketching

Variations using Adobe Illustrator

The client liked many of the thought processes and narrowed down to use the cube shape based idea. This was because it was projecting the unique pod concept for the gym. Color that matches well for print and web was carefully selected and several visualisations were rendered. These were made as a followup on the selected idea to strengthen the client’s choice for clarity.

Final logo

3D visualisation on brick wall

Print visualisation on metallic surface

Flyer Design

The client immediately requested to develop a flyer for marketing purposes that would contain the new registered logo. Content was created first keeping the objective of the flyer in mind. Requirement was to have a double side A4 size design that could be inserted into popular newspapers and magazines that get circulated around the locality residents.



Website Design

The need to present more information for the customers was sensed based on the marketing feedback and the reach of the print flyer message to the target audience. Plan to build a website started and came up with the following home page design.

Home page

The page design underwent a lot of iterations. Brand was kept consistent. Wireframes were sketches on paper for the layout design. Adobe photoshop was used to come up with a quick hi fidelity mockups. It was initially built on opensource wordpress for a quick jump start and launch, but now is replaced with react JS framework with a dedicated programmer.


The client was overall happy with the progress and timely delivery of the artefacts. There was lot of learning for the client in terms of process in how designs get done through progressive iteration.

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